• I spent two weeks on the Isle of Man recently and received a gift certificate to meet with Lizzie for beginning Pilates lessons. First, let me share – I was very anxious about this, fearing that my fibromyalgia and recent weight gain would be a tremendous barrier. I was afraid that I would be embarrassed for Lizzie to see my limitations, and that I would end up in a great deal of pain. I could not have been more wrong. Not only was Lizzie extremely welcoming, and very professional, she showed absolutely no judgment and worked with me respectfully where I am. She helped me to realize that I was more capable than I thought. I have never felt so comfortable in this kind of setting. Unfortunately, my stay was short and I am unable to continue working with Lizzie. She was great – and she even did a little research to identify a couple of studios in my hometown. In addition, she reached out to them with an initial email to verify the approaches and quality! None will match up to Lizzie, and I genuinely believe that. I recommend her to anyone, especially those who may be as anxious as I was! Thank you, Lizzie!!

    GD, GR, USA

  • Having attended Lizzie's  classes for over two years, I can say they are so enjoyable because she brings to the class a sensitivity and gentleness to assist everyone to gain a sense of achievement on the completion of each class. She never bullies or pushes you, and she allows people to develop at their own pace. By offering exercises that can be adjusted to each person's own level, when Lizzie judges that you are coping well in the class, she will give you careful individual attention.  It is for these reasons,I confidently recommend her Pilates class to my clients who may have anxiety or depression. The warm and kind atmosphere in her classes assist anxious people to come along. We can all share a chuckle at times!

    Pilates breathing and gentle exercises are very helpful for those who are anxious,and this type of activity is very helpful for those who are feeling depressed. The sense of achievement in completing a class is wonderful and is great to build up confidence in people who are shy or withdrawn .  I can't recommend her classes more highly.  These classes are the best I have attended on the island. She will look after you! Come along and give it a try!

    Dr Helen Nightingale

    Clinical Psychologist

  • An incredible teacher, enthusiastic and inspiring. My holiday to the IOM has given me so much, and now Pilates too!

    SC, GR, USA

  • Lizzy explains the purpose and function of exercises so precisely, and breaks them down making all the exercises achievable


  • Without Pilates I could not have enjoyed a recent overseas trip. I felt confident in my body, its strength and flexibility. Must take you with me next time!

    DF, IOM

  • Thank you so much for the opportunity to continue my Pilates practice whilst visiting the Isle of Man recently- only wish I could take you home with me!

    JM, USA

  • Thank you so much for making Pilates so enjoyable and do-able for me. I really enjoy the sessions. You are a very good teacher!

    JD, Onchan

  • Many thanks for all your help and motivation with the creeky joints!

    CH, Foxdale

  • Hoping that you can build on your Pilates success in 2012 and develop the business as you want to. You've done a great job and have lots of grateful clients!

    CQ, Patrick